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31 Mär 2020 um 17:40 Have eaten from here over 15 times in the past two months and each time it has hit the spot. They never use to deliver until corona which is one small consolation prize in these challenging times. It's so nice that they add face masks with each order now.
27 Mär 2020 um 14:37 Yum
27 Mär 2020 um 14:24 If taste had a name war ein bisschen langweilig (Brokkoli - Mango-Verhältnis war unausgegleichen), Probiotic Study ist extrem lecker
26 Mär 2020 um 18:13 Amazing, thank you so much! and thank you for the face mask! so nice. food was delicious.
26 Mär 2020 um 15:14 The food came exactly on time, well served and fresh. It was delicious as always. I am very sick, so I could not pick up the package so they left on my doorstep. When I opened the packaged I saw they gave me a face mask and a beautiful note. Very lovely!!
26 Mär 2020 um 14:55 A very bad experience. One of the dishes was spilt during the delivery. On the other dish, there was a piece of blue plastic inside, we asked for no coriander, yet we got the dishes with coriander. Very bad experience. will not order again
26 Mär 2020 um 9:34 all very good again, thank you
22 Mär 2020 um 21:41 Delicious and very healthy
21 Mär 2020 um 10:24 Sehr gutes Essen, schnelle Lieferung - ein Traum! Everything was very good
9 Mär 2020 um 14:19 90 mins deivery time, driver seems to have done multiple deliveries across town which made us wait longer and our food become completely cold, also: despite asking for a dish without onions (since I’m Very allergic) did not work at all - so no food for me
4 Mär 2020 um 15:48 Essen war leider enttäuschend. Dadurch dass eine vorbereitete Portion aus dem Kühlregal verwendet und eine Zutat einfach ausgetauscht wurde, war das Essen weder lauwarm noch frisch, was man heute echt merkte. Ablaufdatum heute statt frisch zubereitet ...
2 Mär 2020 um 13:54 Price to high for what it is, product arrived cold, no tracking in the app available. Showed "0 minutes until delivery" for 20mins. Which is probably also why the dish was completely cold.